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ZARABIKE is the brainchild of Fabio Bovi, administrator and technical director of a well-known mechanical engineering company in Emilia Romagna. A passionate cyclist, Fabio has been developing his idea of a pedal-assisted tilting-trike since the early 2000s in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Turin and the University of Padua, bringing it to full realisation in 2022.

ZARABIKE was created with the aim of creating a light and safe pedal-powered vehicle that was aerodynamic and could be semi-faired. The idea was to create a velocipede for daily commuting and cycle touring that would give the possibility of travelling in comfort and complete safety.

After several tests and prototypes, Vento TT, ZARABIKE’s first recumbent trike, was born.



As mobile social individuals, the need to move from point A to point B is a fundamental necessity of our being. Physical relocation becomes travel when it becomes an experience that arouses emotions and creates memories, when it brings about a change in our emotional state, in our perspective.

Compared to a classic solution, the recumbent trike allows you to have a more relaxed posture, an open view of the horizon and a different perception of the road. ZARABIKE offers you a different, unique mobility and cycling experience with the aim of turning every trip into a journey.


ZARABIKE is a young company with established entrepreneurial experience, which is why from the earliest design stages the company has always taken care to follow the strict safety regulations, to consolidate a close working relationship with suppliers and to develop quality controls at all stages of construction.

The systems implemented, from the oscillating system lock to the positioning lights, are designed to make your every move safe and allow you to face every situation with confidence.

Various scientific studies also show that, compared to a conventional bicycle, the risk of injury in the event of a collision is significantly lower because the lower centre of gravity and frontal foot position protects hands, arms, shoulders and head from a fall and the seat cushions and cushions back impacts.



The seat is certainly the most important component of a recumbent bicycle, because this part is responsible for supporting most of our weight. The comfortable and relaxed position provided by the seat allows you to cycle for many hours without the unnecessary energy expenditure caused by muscle tension in the arms, shoulders and back.

The improved aerodynamics allows for more efficient and less tiring pedalling, thanks to the different load distribution and the maintenance of natural physiological curves, the pressures exerted on the spine and joints in general are reduced, which minimises the risk of developing pathologies and/or injuries.


Choosing a bicycle or trike is always an environmentally friendly choice; whether for sport, fun, tourism or simple daily commuting, deciding to pedal is the most sustainable choice you can make in your daily life.

ZARABIKE in particular tries to offer a product with a minimum percentage of foreign components in order to have a short supply chain and a reduced environmental impact.


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Tilting-trike, an immersive experience that turns your commute into a journey.


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